Be Part of an Organization & Brand Built for Your Success.

If you are ready to make a change in your life and career, then you have come to the right place. Hoven is a brokerage designed to benefit you, the agent. We’ve created a luxury brand and have given our agents the best tools in the industry. Our marketing package is designed to impress any customer. We’ve spent hours structuring our back office programs, so you don’t spend hours in the office on contracts and transactions. You spend your time closing deals. When you close that deal, you get your check at closing. You don’t even have to split it with us.

Benefits of Being on The Hoven Team

We give our agents:

  • Full Commissions
  • Get Paid at Closing
  • Exclusive Marketing Package
  • Strong social media presence
  • Superior back office technology
  • No mandatory meetings and floor duty
  • Have the freedom to run your own business, with the full support of a broker

How Much More Money Would You Make With Hoven?


Hoven collects low transaction fees instead of taking a percentage of your commissions. That means you keep more money. How much money will you make with Hoven? Just enter your annual sales, commission percentage, number of transactions and percentage paid to your broker.


Contact us to talk about your future.

We offer superior back office technology and provide E&O insurance for every transaction. We’ve created a world class brand with great marketing materials and a strong social media presence. There are no mandatory meetings or floor duty, and our agents can negotiate their own commission rates. Take the step and change your future today. We welcome you to the Hoven Team.

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    Slide "One look at how much more an agent can make at Hoven, and why wouldn’t an agent want to join. " quote icon 63200 TINA Slide "I can’t believe how much other brokers charge their agents. Hoven only charges a fraction of those fees." quote icon 63200 PAM Slide "As an agent I feel I do most of the work and don’t get the amount of commission I deserve. When I looked at the small amount Hoven takes from their agents, it’s an obvious choice." quote icon 63200 TONY Slide "Office hours and floor duty were killing me at my old brokerage. Hoven gives me the freedom to run my own business, and I keep more of the money I earn." quote icon 63200 SCOTT

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