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Nathan is a people person. He loves people and relationships. He loves listening to clients’ goals & dreams; then works hard to make them come true. His motto is honesty. He lives “The Golden Rule.” Nathan possesses unparalleled integrity. His clients never, never worry about their deal. He answers all and any questions to his client’s satisfaction, giving them peace of mind and assurance all will be well and work out for their best. He gives his clients hope and faith throughout the contractual process. Having worked in the legal profession, Nathan understands leverage, risk, power, & control; & uses them in moral, ethical, and appropriate ways to benefit his clients. Nathan protects his clients. He not only understands the business of real estate, but also the business of life—believing the most important thing in life is people & relationships. Real estate will come and go, but memories made with clients endure forever. You will feel Nathan cares personally about you. If you want a great Realtor and a true friend for life, you’ve met the right man. Nathan will be there for you long after your deal is done.

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“Honesty & Integrity is Nathan’s Policy”



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Mr. Wicke helped us find a home we love. My wife saw the home Mr. Wicke showed us and immediately fell in love with it as the home of her dreams. Mr. Wicke never gave up on helping us find our dream home. I am a veteran in my 70’s & this is my first home. Mr. Wicke helped us very much. We love him for all he did for us.