Jason Ripka

Jason Ripka

Real Estate Professional

Meet the Clark Kent of the Real Estate World; Mr. Jason Ripka! Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire by day and career Firefighter by night. Jason continuously defies the term “Part Time Realtor” with his impeccable time management skills, a supportive team of Hoven Agents, Punctuality at its finest all coupled with a vast array of market knowledge makes him a primetime Real Estate Agent.

Jason’s knowledge of the market comes with his lifelong residence of Brevard County. Jason has lived locally for over 35 years and has seen his local little beach town turn into the thriving economic stronghold of what Brevard County Florida has become. Along the way, Jason has also stockpiled many of Brevard Counties finest business owners as business associates that can assist in many detrimental real estate activities such as Lenders, Roofers, Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Contractors, Lawyers and More. Jason has also listed millions $$$$ of houses and sold millions $$$$ more creating relationships with many active agents, making transactions as simple as possible.

As a firefighter, Jason also continues to gain more knowledge by understanding building construction and materials along with tips and tricks to finding a safe and reliable home. Working for Brevard County also allows Jason to travel throughout the 76-mile-long county exploring the uniqueness of this diverse housing area. From Micco to Mims, Jason has a greater understanding than most agents of some of the eclectic housing areas that makes living in Brevard County so great.

In his spare time, Jason enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and his large group of friends and family. Besides being an international traveler, Jason enjoys the many perks Florida has to offer from spending time at the beach surfing or fishing to getting muddy in local marshes and swamps. As a true Florida Outdoorsman, accompanied by being born and bred in Brevard Florida, Jason is the Perfect Real Estate Agent for You. Give him a call to assist in your real estate needs!


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